A mother whose son was murdered by terrorists comes to terms with her grief by leaning on her art and creating a prolific and controversial sculpture garden that reminds people what hate does to other people.

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When sculptor Suse Lowenstein’s son Alex was murdered in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in an effort to come to terms with her grief, she turned to her art.
She began to sculpt herself and how she felt upon hearing the news of her son. She sculpted life size figures, nude, raw, exposed and in pain. This helped her somehow cope. Thinking this may help other relatives of the victims, she posted about her project and 75 women responded.
“SEAT 20D ”explores how one mother overcame her grief through her art and by doing so helped others who were grieving and continue to grieve. Unfortunately the murder of a loved one through terrorism and violence is more prevalent than ever. By following Suse Lowenstein’s journey via the creation of “Dark Elegy” we take a deep dive into how as a society we can approach the grieving as well as work through our own grieving process. With each senseless murder, we all die a little.