When sculptor Suse Lowenstein’s son Alex was murdered in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in an effort to come to terms with her grief, Suse turned to her art. She began to sculpt herself “stripped” naked and in the emotional position she fell upon hearing the news of her son’s death. She found the process brought some solace. Thinking this might help others, Suse posted about her project in the Pan Am Victims’ Family Newsletter inviting others to participate. Seventy-five women responded. Suse sculpted these women posed in the painful moment they fell into when they received the news. It took Suse fifteen years to complete Dark Elegy. She says she prolonged the process because, “It kept me alive.” Nearly 30 years later, after being rejected by universities, parks and museums, Dark Elegy now resides on the grounds of Suse’s home in Montauk, New York and is open to visitors from ten to noon daily. As the 73 year old Suse grapples with her mortality, she must figure out the fate of this hauntingly beautiful ode to a brutal terrorist attack that altered American history
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