The Hamlet of Canfield Gardens (documentary)

Jeecs: “The Film provides fascinating incite into the last great East End chronicler.”

Official Selection

Jewish Museum, London, UK,
JW3 Center, London, UK

Shooting "The Hamlet of Canfield Gardens." Photo by Oren Paley

At 89, writer Bernard Kops must come  to terms with  a major theme in his work: death.  He manages to do so with humor, poetry and good old fashioned chutzpa.  Combining  vérité footage with traditional Jewish music, Kops’ poetry is utilized to delve in and out of indelible moments from his life.
“It’s a journey of two people going through life, where nothing and everything changes; and they remain loving each other and doing good for the world.” — Bernard Kops about Erica Kops

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Three in the Morning
Looking at photographs,
there is one face in the darkness,
One recurring image.
Erica throwing flowers backwards over her shoulder,
high into that black sky.
I think often of nothingness and the fear,
the chill at three in the morning,
of the absurdity of being and not being.
Those Irises!
That purple explosion in that winter of poverty,
When we lived on laughter.

Bernard Kops– This Room in the Sunlight

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“Bernard Kops, an 87 year old immensely talented and prolific playwright, has written more than 40 plays for stage and radio,  nine novels and six volumes of poetry.  Despite his well-deserved European recognition, to date few of his plays have been produced in the United States.  Fortunately, that oversight is now in the  process of being at least partially corrected: his Playing Sinatra, which originally opened to rave reviews in London in 1991, is finally receiving its American Premiere at Theatre for The New City. ” — A Seat on the Aisle

Director and mentee Jill Campbell with Bernard Kops

Director Jill Campbell with Bernard Kops
My Life and Work at 90
Jewish News: Bernard Kops, Working Until You Drop!

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